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Scribus · Practical exercise · Using kerning in text frames

Kerning is the space between font letters and sometimes can be used to reduce blank spaces between words in justified paragraphs. If you want to change kerning in Scribus select text frame and hit "F2" to view properties window. Select "Text" tab and open "Advanced Settings". You can see kerning option arrowed in the figure:

kerning text using Scribus

Changing kerning value in a text frame using Scribus.

You can change the kerning value using the little black arrows in order to reduce or enlarge it. If you reduce a lot, it will be very dififcult to read the text. You can see in the next figure an example. This is a word with differente kerning values (image from Wikipedia).

kerning example from Wikipedia

Different kerning values aplied to a single word using Scribus.

As a practical exercise, select a sample text frame and reduce kerning to -25%. Take a look at the results. Modify the kerning value increasing to 50%. Take a look at the final results. Once finished, leave the kerning value to initial 0%.

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